Student work

These are sites that I did as part of the coursework for the Web Technologies Associate Certificate at BCIT. They can give you an idea of the topics covered in the courses and my skills with them. All the sites are hand coded in validated HTML & CSS. And the JavaScript is error free.

Weather Canada — A “weather station” site created to work with JavaScript.

Attic Toybox — Retail site with JavaScript shopping cart. (NOTE: The checkout does not work on this site as it can no longer point to the CGI script provided by the course.)

Quilt in a Flash — Pure Flash website designed for a multi-media gallery

Tamarack Shack (1st Draft) — My first attempt at JavaScript, but I liked the design. I think I’m going to play with that idea for a practice piece. (NOTE: 1 page, links deactivated)

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Why am I here?

I am a novice web developer whose knowledge base is still very much a work in progress. I thought blogging about it could be an interesting way of working on a portfolio in development, as well as a way to become familiar with WordPress.

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